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Bio-Hack Your Best Life will provide ways to become the Co-Creator of your BEST life by instilling more self awareness, addressing the stress and trauma that manifest physically in your vessel, and how to change your internal and external environments to live an optimal life.

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About: Bio-Hack


Have you ever wondered how to feel mentally and physically optimal, but never had the steps to take to get there? Join Elisabeth and Billy as they lay out methods backed by research and science to become your most optimal self.

Elisabeth Hoekstra has experienced over 60 different holistic modalities, making her an expert on hacking her own mental and physical health.

Billy Carson aka 4BiddenKnowledge had a rough start living underneath the ghetto - to now running multiple, million dollar companies. This self-made millionaire has the keys to successfully maneuver this matrix. Bio-hack your best life will provide ways to manifest and become the co-creator of your best life by creating more self awareness, and addressing the stress and trauma that western culture has learned to ignore.

Watch Bio-Hack Your Best Life - Episode 1: From Trauma to Triumph

Hosted by Elisabeth Hoekstra Co-host Billy Carson

Let's Bio-Hack Your Sex Life!

Unfortunately, modern society has put a negative spin on SEX.  Bio-Hack Your Sex Life is released once a month and focuses on changing the negative narrative around sex.


Elisabeth Hoekstra and Billy Carson give tips and tricks on how to harness and use sexual energy in a positive way to manifest your BEST life.


Sex is a huge part of everyones life and is one of the, if not the most powerful energy this dimension offers.  Sexual energy can create healing within the mind and body, it can elevate the power of manifestation, and it can fuel innovative and creative thinking.


Learn how Bio-Hack Your Best Life can help you use it to your benefit!


Meet the Founder, Elisabeth Hoekstra


Elisabeth's first career was in the entertainment industry, where she drew upon her many creative talents. Starting at a young age, Elisabeth graced the media landscape as a model and actress on nationally syndicated television programs, movies, music videos, and magazines. Elisabeth’s evolution as an on-camera talent continued to expand while she attended Davenport College for business management and marketing administration.

There she began to realize that her acumen for business development and building organizations was a transferable skill to various industries. During her run in entertainment, Elisabeth parlayed her creative genius into the culinary industry, starting at Schoolcraft College where she received her baking and pastry certification. She mastered the art as a sous chef where she served under one of the top Pastry Chefs in the country.

Elisabeth worked at several prestigious places during her culinary run including Oakland Hills Country Club, then helping open an award- winning restaurant, Otus Supply in 2017.  


Diving even further into her entrepreneurial skills Elisabeth received her real estate license in 2017.  In 2018, Elisabeth was named exclusive Real Estate agent for a statewide effort, in which she broke all records for securing the most offices in the shortest amount of time.  


Elisabeth has also contributed significantly to several charities, focusing her efforts on children’s health and education, both through hosting fundraisers and parlaying her political connections into advocacy.  Throughout her various careers, she has seen how stress can take its toll on people’s physical well-being, leading to her most recent professional engagement.  Elisabeth is founder of Bio-Hack Your Best Life and the Director of Operations for 4BiddenKnowledge.


Elisabeth Hoekstra has given us an amazing recipe for obtaining an elevated consciousness. All of the ingredients that one would need to elevate themselves from their current state of being are thoughtfully laid out in this book. We can travel into the past to conduct some existential detective work in order to understand how our experiences have shaped our reactions in the present.


Sigmund Freud, stated that our mind is like an iceberg – only a small part of it is above the waterline, while the rest drifts in the murky depths of our unconscious. Only when we pull our darkest fears and desires into the light of the conscious mind, where we can examine them calmly and analytically, will they begin to lose their monstrosity and much of their influence. What we do not know consciously – the repressed – is the true “other” to genuine self-knowledge. Elisabeth Hoekstra skillfully takes us on a journey to rediscover who we really are. It is through this epiphany of self-knowledge that we can truly begin to understand our true nature and do the shadow work needed to climb out of the abyss. This book will inspire you to bio-hack your best life.



Elisabeth Hoekstra Book

The UniteThe99 App


UniteThe99 is a conscious community social media app created by Billy Carson, that will unite the 99 percent of the world in unity and unconditional love. Only through awareness and understanding can we elevate our consciousness.


"When the student is ready the teacher will appear." ~ Lao Tzu

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I have had the pleasure to be part of 3 workshops with Billy Carson. Billy is a down to earth human being with so much of knowledge to share. He has helped me learn more about subjects such as ancient civilizations, remote viewing and investing. Every single workshop I have attended has been extremely well prepared and very informative. Billy goes beyond our expectations and does not cease to amaze us with all our the information I’ve shares. He has been one of my greatest teachers. I’m thankful for the opportunity of connecting with Billy and attending his workshops. ~Thanks Billy !! 

I dont get inspiration like this anywhere! You are a true leader in the feild of success and conscious awareness! 

Thank you, Billy Carson! 

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"Let's try and match our conscious intelligence, to our bodies conscious intelligence."
~Elisabeth Hoekstra
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